Connecting and engaging business acceleration stakeholders

Fostering collective knowledge at european level: sharing of good and less successfull practices, tools and experiences
In the framework of the Food-scalEUp project, a series of thematic peer group exchanges is organised.

These workshops are dedicated to regional actors involved in digital and agri-food acceleration activities. 

Participants in these workshops are invited as representatives of acceleration programmes with experience in financing and managing acceleration programmes and services.

If you are a food and beverage accelerator player in Europe and would like to join our working group, please contact us via our partners or get in touch with Food Processing Initiative, who are implementing these exchanges: Sabine Höfel (

This knowledge exchanges session will provide insights on good practices in terms of implementing acceleration services and programmes. It will allow to connect relevant and targeted acceleration stakeholders at european level and provide feedback from the Food-scalEUp partners.

With this knowledge exchange peer groups sessions, we offer the possibility to:
  • Discover new approaches and experiences towards accelerator models,
  • Learn about the needs of start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs and accelerator service providers,
  • Strengthen links and exchanges within European networks.